The Golden Gauntlet Challenge – August Bank Holiday Monday 2017

Limpley Stoke v Wellow – Bank Holiday Monday 28 August 2017:

The sun shone and a fun filled afternoon was had by all at the return match for the Golden Gauntlet Trophy; currently held by Limpley Folk team but in the safe keeping of Wellow Boules.


Born to Boules Wellow needed all the players and supporters they could muster on this momentous day, for their attempt to snatch that ‘priceless’ old gauntlet back.

We trundled off in the Wellow Community Bus, with a convoy of cars following-on behind; Limpley-Stoke piste is NOT easy to find!

Our hosts wore us out before we even started by providing a ‘Jack & Jill’ procession up to The Piste on The Hill.

Where they tempted us with all manner of snacks and drinks that they had somehow managed to airlift in earlier?!

There was a good deal of sportsman-like banter

and boules….Sitting in the shade….socialising & sipping!

There was also…… a failure by Wellow to win many of their games!

Limpley Stoke Beat us fair and square and then very graciously gave us the honour of being caretakers of the highly prized ‘Golden Gauntlet Trophy’.

This Little Lady played very well and was announced as Player of the Match by our hosts; much to her delight and that of her family, several of whom had come to support us.

All agreed the day had been a great success and that ‘The Challenge’ must now become an annual event.

Thank you to all that turned out for Wellow Boules and especially to our hosts, the stunningly good at boules and friendly Limpley Folk.