Thursday League – Update

This week we visited The Tollgate Inn at Holt to play their 4×4’s team; a very apt name as they have three ex-farmers and two of their wives playing for them!

Both teams were evenly matched and all the games went to high points.



Their piste is similar to ours and apparently they have the same issues with it that we have with ours?

Wellow Boules won the match: 3 -1 and achieved 51 game points.

The 4×4’s won 45 points, so it was not an easy win.

This is a good result against a side that has been playing several years longer than us.
Jane and Bea’s doubles match went on forever and ever.….                       It was finally won by them after both the other doubles and               the single game had been played!!

Kevin played so well again and only just missed winning the singles. It went 12:12. Then the 4×4’s sneaked in to win by taking the last point.

It is a pleasure to play 4×4’s and we             enjoyed a lovely social chat over the after match sandwiches; served with what we all agreed were very                 yummy pomme frites.

Here’s how the table stands:

Doing well, so far!


Next week we play Compton… of the table and haven’t lost a game this year…..Oh err?!!!

Allez Wellow, so proud to be part of this team 🙂