Hinton Charterhouse Tournament – 7 May 2017

On Sunday, 7 May 2017, we had another fantastic, friendly and fun filled ‘Soirée d’après-midi’ at the Hinton Charterhouse Tournament.

Set-up with our picnic, match boules to the ready and sporting the new team apparel of shiny white visors, we could hear the odd murmuring in the air of ‘they look like a professional team’ and ‘who let that odd lot in?’

Perhaps we should have let the whisperers know that the best thing about our headgear is being able to spot wayward team members in the throng for the BBQ, when they should be lining up to play? ….But we didn’t!

The day progressed into one of sun, snacks and stunning performances from the Teams:  Well Oh! & Well-Low.

Ruler and Rake man at the ready!
‘Did anyone see where my boule landed’?
‘There it is’!!

Both teams got into the quarter-finals and ‘Well-Low’ got through to the semi-finals before their luck ran out.

The players toasted their places in the quarter-finals: à votre santé et bonne chance!!

Then’ Deadeye Debs did it again’ for team Well-Low by throwing a deadly winner; enabling the team to fight on into the final for The Plate.

Dead-eyed Debs does it again!

Well-Low did the honourable thing and lost amicably to the host team Born to Lose!

Hinton player intently concentrating and displaying unique (and winning) throwing skills…….
It takes a keen eye and clear voice to declare ‘Born to Lose’ has the winning shot……..

Congratulations to Hinton C’s team ‘Born to Lose’ . You may have snatched that prestigious Plate, but Wellow ‘a attrapé le verre’ ………..

As the shadows grew longer…… ‘It’s sundowner o’clock’!

All agreed it was well worth braving the arduous and long journey to this great event…… 2 miles up the hill from Wellow.

Wellow player showing balletic style in his tossing skills….remind anyone of the prix he won on New Year’s Day?