COB Thursday league – Knockout Tournament

This evening’s match against The Catherine Wheel, Marshfield, went right down to the wire.

After the 2 doubles games we were even: Wellow 1  –  C Wheel 1 Stewart won his singles: 13/7                   Wellow 2  –  C Wheel 1
It was now all down to how Kevin, Jane and Bea did in their triple game! 

We crossed our fingers….not whilst playing of course! But, with our boules landing all over the piste except where we wanted them, it felt like our fingers were tied together!

All seemed lost when our opponents pulled 5 points ahead of us straight away. But we pulled even and then managed to go one point up!

The Catherine Wheel players fought back and pulled ahead but we held in there with the triples game ending in a close win to them: 13/10.

The match ended in a draw:   Wellow 2  –  C Wheel 2

BUT….this is a knockout tournament with no return match, so points make a big difference. When they were added up it confirmed we had won 38 to 37……By only ONE POINT.

This means we progress into The Cup rounds and The Catherine Wheel will go into The Plate rounds.


I am so proud of our Wellow Boules players for what they are achieving this season.

We don’t know who we will play next but one thing is for sure:

It will be a hard team to beat, but we will give it our best shots.

Continuer à se batter – Wellow Boules!
Bonne Chance