Thursday League


On the Home Piste!

2 May 2019 – Away against – Allez Pallies

A great start to the season with Wellow Boules having an excellent result, against an experienced team.

Result: A win

Game Points:  Wellow – 44     A/Pallies – 26    Point difference 18

Match Points:  Wellow – 3       A/Pallies – 1

Well done team and thanks for turning out on what must have been quite a wet and unpleasant night on the hill at Larkhall.

9 May 2019 – Home against – Allez Pallies

Well done Team, for another good result against the Allez Pallies. 

Everyone played really well….and the Fox & Badger pub did us proud with the food.

Result: A draw – 2 game points each

Point scores – Wellow 44 – Allez P’s 31 

Giving us a 13 points advantage – meaning we won technically on points scored.

Our Players this week were:

    Doubles: Peter & Stewart and Mia & Shaun 

    Triples: Kevin, Peter and Shirley G

    Singles: Stewart – 13 / 1….an amazing result, well played that man!

This was Mia’s first league team appearance and our young, cool headed ‘secret weapon’ won 5 of the points in her doubles game. A very good start indeed.

Mia holds her head, willing dad to throw a winning shot

At home again next week ….against Northey Newbies, oh err?!

16 May 2019 – Home against – Northey Newbies

It was another good result against the Northey Newbies. 

They have some very good players in their team so I feel our team all gave them a run for their points.

The result: A draw – 2 game points each

Point scores – Wellow 45  – Northey Newbies 33 

Giving us an 8 points advantage – meaning technically, we won on points scored.

Our Players this week were:

    Doubles:     Peter & Stewart – won 13/0 

                      Pat & Kevin – won 13/7

     Triples: Kevin, Peter and Pat

     Singles: Stewart

Both the above games were hard fought, with close results, but the win for each unfortunately went to our opponents.

Northey Newbies at Home

23 May 2019 – Home against – COB Poets

Well done Wellow Boules. A fantastic result against the top team.

Result – A draw,

However, Wellow 45 points, Poets 30, making it a technical win against the top of the division 4 team and breaking their current run of wins!

I’m bursting with pride for our bunch of players; especially as we were short of people this week.

A special thank you to Mike and Christina who came to our aid. Christina was playing in her first ever league match for us and scored some useful points.

It’s good to have Jane back from her travels, Kevin admits to being ‘quite pleased’ with some of his shooting, which, knowing his liking for modesty, means it was very good. And, I understand Stewart did an excellent job in the singles again. 

The Fox & Badger pub produced a gluten free, non red meat meal as one of the Poets players had food needs….Everyone was very complementary about the supper.

Salute Bea….currently a sun bed dweller!

30 May 2019 –Away against – COB Poets

Well….what can I say?!

Result: A draw


Kevin & Bea – 10:13

Stewart & Jane – 13:7


Kevin, Jane & Bea – 10:13


Stewart – 13:10

Points: Wellow 46 – Poets 43

So….another draw,! But, again a technical win to Wellow on points achieved.  

This was a very enjoyable, fair, friendly match. Both teams played with cheerful determination; every point gained was hard won. 

~ Jane & Stewart won their doubles convincingly: 13 – 7

~ Kevin and Bea came close to winning their doubles

~ Stewart kept a cool head in his singles. The points were tit for tat throughout, but he managed to push on to gain a win.

~ The triples game was a slow affair with the points creeping along one by one; the win finally going to Poets.

This is how the table looks at this stage:

Salute & Allez Les Purples!