Season End

And so, it is with a heavy heart that we walk away from the dark………

………bringing the Wellow Boules 2017 Season to an end.

‘Merci beaucoup’ to all those that came ‘out to play’ and helped us establish a Wellow Boules Group to be proud of.
‘Et, merci beaucoup’ to the ‘Hardy Half Dozen’  that saw it through to the bitterly cold end.  We will no longer be freezing our ‘petite derrière’, but  …….WE WILL BE BACK!!!!

Salute 2017!……                 Recommencer en 2018’…..

…….All are invited to join us:

On:     New Year’s Day @ 1pm

for fun, games and some wintery fresh air

For:    Vin Chaud sur la Piste avec Saucisse de Toulouse et du pain!


Boules will change from  Wednesday evenings to Sunday afternoons: 

Starting on Sunday 14th October 2017 at 2:30pm, until 4pm or the light fails.                               

All the family are welcome to come along and join in with the fun.

We’re there in the wind and the rain too!

Boules at the Flower Show – 2 September 2017

What amazingly good weather we all had for the                                     68th Wellow Flower Show!






Here are a few photo’s of Wellow Boules at the show:

Medals ready for the Wellow Flower Show – Boules Championship 2017

So close! Keep trying…..they do go into the target sometimes….
The 1:1 coaching  from Mia helped a lot…. this young man did very well. He got a ball into the bulls-eye and won a prize from the table.
Selecting sweets for getting balls into the target area is a serious business!
Bronze medal winner ….but only after a play-off against Wellow Boules’ youngest team member!
The very proud Silver Medal Winner Hugh, and his equally proud brother with his Sports Medal.
Gold Medal Winner….pleased with le rustique too!

Thank you to everyone that kindly joined in and had a bit of fun with the Target Game on the boules piste with us.





‘Boules, Bangers & Beer’ – Saturday 12 August 2017

‘Boules Bangers & Beer’: The Bath Grand Cru Petanque Club on Saturday 12 August 2017.

Two Teams turned out on this important day for Wellow Boules:         ‘Well-Oh!’ and ‘Well-Low!’

The Teams are ready, willing and…

A fun day out where lots of food, drink, sportsmanship and                       competitive spirit were in evidence!

Sneaky Sheilagh Strikes again!
Our wounded soldier!
Dead-eye Debs won the game for us during this play-off

It was a learning curve for Wellow Boules, which we thoroughly enjoyed.




Regular Boules Evening at Wellow Piste

~ Regular Boules Evenings: get together at Boules Piste, Wellow Playing Field…followed by optional trip to the pub afterwards.

Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, 6pm – 7:30pm(-ish)

Come and join us?!

No need for any previous experience or equipment (we have spare boules). Just come along and have some fun!

If you have any queries, please contact: